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What sets us apart

A peek into the highlights of Rockwell International School

01. Students growth

At RIS, we focus on overall student growth, which goes much beyond the textbooks. We encourage our kids to learn from the environment, to think, and to explore creativity within themselves.

02. Best learning practice

We have created a learning environment that fosters various learning methodologies. From projects to experiments to field visits, we work on bringing lessons to life so that kids learn from experience.

03. Focus on targets

Learning is never confined to the classrooms. Children learn from each other and from various different activities. Our campus encourages learning from sports, activities, and performing arts, ensuring that kids develop holistically.

04. Interdisciplanary model

We combine various fields of study and lessons in order to fortify creativity, analytical thinking, expression, and inquisitiveness. This model nurtures children to grow up to be thinkers, dreamers, and doers.

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Rockwell International School is perched in a serene location, in the outskirts of the city. The vast expanse makes it a beautiful place for children to learn, play, interact with nature, and grow.

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