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School is the first place in everyone’s life in education. A school is the best place for the children to know their talent, skill and potential. The school must balance education and Knowledge to the children. But, today every institution is focusing on the marks but not knowledge. Education without knowledge is an empty glass given to a thirsty man”, so, here comes the Rockwell International School with best standards to encourage the creative inclination and talent in each and every student.

What are the advantages in joining Rockwell international school?

Rockwell international school is providing the stress free education for the children by guiding them towards different competitive exams, creative projects along with the general academics. Unlike other schools, there will not be any restrictions on science projects and time for activity and utilization of lab under guidance. Rockwell international school encourages the children in every aspect and makes them confident among themselves.

Facilities at Rockwell international school


Rockwell international school is providing a centrally air conditioned classrooms with well designed furniture with all required facilities for the students providing high standards in facilities.

For Academics

The School is providing a vast library for the students, which contains all varieties of books. The laboratories are well equipped and designed according to the standards of learning in a practical way of approach. An Audio Visual room is also specially designed for the students for effective learning of things visually.

For extracurricular activities

Rockwell international school encourages the students in all extracurricular activities like Music, dance and many other craft making things. For these activities, the school is specially designed a beautiful art and craft hall especially for the students to learn different arts along with their academics.

The school provides an excellent outdoor play area for physical education and a splash pool is also present in the school premises along with the green area for the gardening.

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