Academic Calendar

July 2021
Event Grades Date
National Doctor’s Day PP to Grade 2 01-July-2021
Quiz Round 1 Gr 3 to 5 01-July-2021
Quiz Round 1 Gr 6 to 8 CBSE 08-July-2021
Progression Test 1 Gr 4 to Gr 5 12th July to 16th July
Quiz Round 2 Gr 3 to 5 20th-July-2021
Quiz Round 2 Gr 6 to 8 CBSE 21st-July-2021
PTM 1 PP to IBDP Y2 24th-July-2021
International Tiger Day PP1 to PP2 29th-July-2021
Quiz Round 3 Gr 3 to 5 29th-July-2021
August 2021
International Friendship Day PP to Gr 2 06th-August-2021
Independence Day Celebration PP to IBDP Y2 15th-August-2021
Progression Test 2 Gr 4 to 5 23rd to 27th
National Sports Day PP1 to PP2 27th-August-2021
September 2021
Teacher’s Day Celebration PP to IBDP Y2 3-Sep-2021
Pre Board 1 AS Level 13th Sep to 22nd Sep
Language Week Gr 1 to Gr 8 IGCSE 13th Sep to 16th Sep
Grandparents Day PP1,PP2 17th-Sep-2021
International Day of Sign Language Grade PP1 to Gr2 23rd-Sep-2021
Half Yearly Exams Gr 4 to 10 IGCSE 24h Sep to 5th October
October 2021
World Smile day PP to Gr2 7-Oct-2021
School Reopens after Dussehra Vacation PP to IBDP Y2 20th Oct 2021
International Chef’s Day PP1 to Gr2 22-Oct-2021
Report Card PTM PP to IBDP Y2 23-Oct-2021
National Milk Day PP to Gr2 25-Oct-2021
Halloween PP to Gr2 29-Oct-2021
November 2021
Children’s Day Celebration PP to IBDP Y2 12-Nov-2021
R-MUN Gr 9 CBSE to A Level 19th to 21st November
December 2021
National Pollution Control Day PP to Gr2 02-Dec-2021
Annual Day PP to IBDP Y2 11th Dec to 19th December
Progression Test 3 Gr 4 to GR 10 IGCSE 1st Dec to 9th December
January 2022
Pre Board 2 Gr 10 IGCSE 3rd Jan to 20th January
Republic Day Celebrations PP to IBDP Y2 26-Jan-2022
February 2022
Progression Test 4 Gr 4 to 7 14 to 18-Feb-2022
International Mother Language Day PP1 to Gr 2 18-Feb-2022
Annual Exams 8 to 9 IGCSE and XI CBSE 21st to 07th-Mar-2022
National Science Day PP to Gr2 25-Feb-2022
March 2022
World wildlife day PP to Gr 2 3-Mar-2022
Year- End PTM Gr 8 to 9 CBSE & IGCSE and 11 CBSE 12-Mar-2022
New Academic Session (2022-23) Gr 8 to 9 IGCSE and 11 CBSE 14-Mar-2022
World water day PP to Gr2 22-Mar-2022
Annual Exams Gr 4 to Gr 7 28 to 08-Apr-2022
April 2022
Show case Grade 2 5th April 2022
Show case PP1 and Grade 1 6th April 2022
Showcase Grade 3 7th April 2022
Graduation Day PP2 7th April 2022
Class Party PP to Grade 7 8th April 2022
Last Working Day PP to Grade 7 8th April 2022
PTM (Report Card Day) & Summer Vacation PP to Gr 7 9th-Apr-2022
Summer vacation Gr 9CB to 12CBSE 22nd April onwards
May 2022
Year End PTM IBDP Y1 9th May 2022

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