List of Holidays

29th June 2023 Thursday Bakrid
17th July 2023 Monday Bonalu
29th July 2023 Saturday Muharram
15th  August 2023 Tuesday Independence Day
26th August 2023 Saturday SAT Exam
31st August 2023 Thursday Rakshabandhan
7th September 2023 Thursday Janmastami
18th September 2023 Monday Ganesh Chaturthi (Based on govt order)
28th September 2023 Thursday Eid E Milad
2nd October 2023 Monday Gandhi Jayanti
13th Oct to 25th Oct 2023 Friday to Wednesday Dasshera
4th Nov 2023 Saturday SAT Exam
12th Nov to 13th Nov 2023 Sunday to Monday Diwali
27th November 2023 Monday Karthik Poornima
25th December 2023 Monday Christmas
26th December 2023 Tuesday Boxers Day
1st January 2024 Monday New Year’s Day
12th Jan to 17th Jan 2024 Friday to Wednesday Sankranti
8th March 2024 Friday Shivratri
25th March 2024 Monday Holi
29th March 2024 Friday Good Friday
08th April 2024 Monday Ramzan
09th April 2024 Tuesday Ugadi
17th April 2024 Wednesday Ram Navami
1st May 2024 Wednesday Labour Day

*Tentative: based on the site of moon & Govt. declared holidays.

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